Handbook of Environmental Acoustics

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Because environmental acoustics has a complex mathematical basis, it is often difficult to determine whether acoustical recommendations are valid. Handbook of Environmental Acoustics simplifies this decision-making process and provides easy-to-follow explanations of acoustic terminology, noise control design, and regulatory noise issues.The book clarifies key aspects of environmental noise in basic language, covering:Common noise sources--including the risk of exposure to common daily environmental noise sourcesCurrent noise regulations, guidelines, and standards--illustrating all key pointsAcoustic terminology and environmental noise descriptors--providing a foundation for understanding noise issuesEffects of noise on people and animals--emphasizing the importance of restricting noise exposureRelevant noise rating methods--clarifiying the use of noise metricsConstruction and building code requirements--explaining current requirements and featuring tips on how to avoid privacy problemsMeasurement considerations--demonstrating standard methods and offering practical advice on how to ensure proper measurement proceduresNoise control designs--detailing source-path-receiver systems and noise control fundamentals In addition to traditional noise control methods, new areas, such as active noise control, sound intensity measurement, and diffusive designs, are explained. A sample municipal noise ordinance helps the user to draft an ordinance tailored to the needs of a particular community.Avoiding complex mathematics and analyses, Handbook of Environmental Acoustics is a user-friendly manual for urban planners, municipal officials, engineers, attorneys, industrial hygienists, architects, environmental professionals, and students in these fields.
Acoustics, the science of sound, has developed into a broad interdisciplinary field encompassing the academic disciplines of physics, engineering, psychology, speech, audiology, music, architecture, physiology, neuroscience and others. Here is an unparalleled modern handbook reflecting this richly ...
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AUTHOR James P. Cowan
FILENAME Handbook of Environmental Acoustics.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 15 Dec 1993

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Avoiding complex mathematics and analyses,Handbook of Environmental Acoustics is a user-friendly manual forurban planners, municipal officials, engineers, attorneys,industrial hygienists, architects, environmental professionals, andstudents in these fields.


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